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So, you want to join the 33rd, eh...?

The 33rd is always open to talking to musicians who would like to join the ranks of the band.  Here's a brief list of the requirements for membership.  You may check out the full details as well.

New recruits for the 33rd Illinois Volunteer Regiment Band must be adults who are skilled at playing a brass or percussion instrument. If interested in joining, please contact the Band Manager through the Contact Page.

Potential new members are invited to participate at a rehearsal and may be invited to perform at two or three events with the group.

Band members may be regular or substitute players and MUST be willing to play period instruments while wearing wool uniforms and period attire.

What Every Player Needs To Know

There are many things a member of the Band needs to know in terms of equipment, uniform, musical instruments, scheduling for performances, even campouts for re-enactments. All members should take time to read the official Need To Know list prepared by the Band Board.



Band Mission Statement 

The 33rd Illinois Volunteer Regiment Band, Inc., a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation formed in July 1997. The mission of this corporation is as follows:

  1. The acquisition and preservation of period instruments and the restoration of these instruments to their original condition;

  2. The study of musical repertoire of 19th century military brass bands;

  3. The collection of 19th century military brass band music;

  4. The study of the history of military brass bands, the musicians, and their performances, especially the original 33rd Illinois Volunteer Regiment Band;

  5. The application of these items for the purpose of live performance of period music on period instruments in authentic period uniforms;

  6. The education of the public about the brass band and its importance to American history.

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