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You can now buy and download the beloved music of the 33rd Illinois Volunteer Band right from our site!  Click on the album below to sample the songs on each album.  Then you can buy your favorite tune, or, better, buy the whole album and add it to your music collection!  Each CD - containing at least 20 tracks! - is from live recordings of performances by the 33rd, with the authentic sounds of a 19th century brass band playing authentic brass instruments of the era!
"Hardtack & Coffee"

Copyright © 1997

CD:  $15.00 (H3318610097-CD)

"A Tribute to our Leader"

Copyright © 2001

CD:  $15.00 (T5661336982-CD)

"Rally 'Round the Flag"

Copyright © 2006

CD:  $15.00 (R3710134142-CD)

(Click on the album to see the playlist, sample the songs, and make your purchase.)
Wait - you'd rather a "physical" album?  No problem.  Hard copies of the CDs are available on the 33rd Shop page.  While you're there, check out those sweet T-shirts...
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